Flash Fiction : Release The Pain

Ekaprilia Nur Shabrina / 180410150023

Oh God, No! No! Please no!

She screamed as she held her head. The migrain hit again, harder than she can imagine. For a solid 10 minutes, she just stood there behind the front door.

She then walked to her bathroom,rummaging through the cabinet. No, aspirin won’t do. Suddenly the smell of the bathroom disgusted her. Then she threw up, nothing came out except the yellowish liquid from her stomach.

She walked to her bedroom, there she fell to the floor.

She screamed, but it just pushed her head to the edge of exploding.

She banged her head to the floor, no this won’t help at all.

Please, please, I’m really tired. Please just kill me. It will hurt less than this stupid migraine. She groaned as she still laying on the floor.

She threw up again, but nothing came out now.

She started to scream again then there was knocking- no, more like banging on her front door. The neighbor, she said inside her head.

‘Hey! Stop screaming you little twat! Somebody is trying to sleep here!”

She just screamed back until there was no more banging on her door.

“I’m gonna get the landlord to drag you out of this building, so you can stop disturbing the neighborhood! Mark my words you little shit!”

No! She started crying, rolling on the floor with eyes closed and both hands held the head.


You should go to hospital you know, go to the neurologist. Hurting yourself really won’t help you. It makes your situation worst than before. Now the sound of her friend was also inside her head.


No, no, no. I don’t want to go to hospital and end up in ER full of sick people, creepy nurses and doctor with their white suit! Yes, yes, I’m going to survive tonight. Hey, world! I’m going to survive! Hey, God! I heard that you love your people. Then if you love me, can you take this pain out of my head?

She spread her hands and started to make a snow angel on the floor. Then she started rambling again. Somehow, she laughed at her own words. It was like she was drunk.

She then picked herself up and walk toward the kitchen. There, the shinny thing laying on the counter.

Do I want apple? No, apple is for breakfast. Do I want to cut something? Yes of course!

She took the knife and examined it closely. So shiny!

She brought it to her forhead, It’s cold, then slowly she cut her skin. Blood started to drip to her brows, lashes, then cheeks. She touched the blood and started to laugh so hard her body shaking. Then she cut deeper and longer, and more blood came out.

I know it. I know God doesn’t love me.

Now now, let me sleep now suush.

She laid down on the floor. Her vision started to blurry.


Next morning, the landlord found her dead body with blood covering her face.

Word count : 500

#Scribere2017 , #FlashFiction

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