Flash Fiction: Porcelain Daisy

Kinanti Fitri Febriani/ 180410150013

“Hey. Daisy…is good enough, right? Your name.”

“Ha?! That’s too girly, change it…”

“Nope, Daisy is also guy name, you know. As for me, it’s Lily.”



That’s the only thing I want, knowing her name. I called her countless time, that it should be annoying by now. But, she lets me.

I love her. I love my new master. She accept all of me for who I am, a mere doll. For only a couple of days she gave me many new experiences and emotions.

In the morning, as always she went straight to campus but she didn’t ignored me. I feel weird inside, it’s a feeling I never experienced before. I’m happy beyond compare. Then suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. I knew it’s not Lily. I opened the door without thinking. There stood the guy that once bothering Lily and called me ‘Monster’. He is lowering his head, hands behind his back, saying that he wanted to apologize.

I asked him to talk inside the house and when I turned my back. My vision went black. I should have knew, that guy was holding something behind his back. I got hit by it…still, why can’t I feel pain.


It sounds like there’s someone crying from afar. Ah…that’s Lily’s voice. Why is she crying? I wish I could wipe away those tears, but my body won’t listen. My hands…won’t move. I guess, this is probably because the way I looked right now is so horrible that you’re crying.

Will my soul disappear? Her voice sound farther away. If I knew that things would turn out like this, I would held you more tightly, expresses my love more, I wish to see you one last time. And…I should have called your name so many more time. Lily…


I could hear noises. My vision slowly went back. I didn’t recognize this room. I remembered being hit by that guy. Did Lily threw me out….


I startled. I knew that voice. She slowly touch my hand and she started crying. Unconsciously, tears fell to my cheeks. That’s new…

I see her already changed. I don’t understand why did she saved me. Why did she spent her 10 years to fix me. And she waited for 5 years till I regained my soul.

“Silly…do you even have to ask”


There was a doll that only needed his master’s love to develop a soul. But, because he was so different, he was feared by the people around him and became really lonely.

Then one day, he met someone who would accept all of him for who he was, a master who gave him many new experiences and emotions.

After many trial, the two discovered their mutual love for one another and swore to stay together forever.

Many long years passed, the master’s life was finally nearing to its end…and then, the doll remained by her side. When his master’s finally passed away, the doll never moved again.

Word count: 500 words

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