Flash Fiction: Nightmare

Mutia Rizky Amalia/180410150015


Slightly disturbed, Adit only changed his position to face down, buried his face to the pillow, and intended to continue his dream. Therefore, the door blamed by the person he know, shouted his name one more time with all voices he had, and immediately his dream became blurred because at that time he made his eyes opened, or he had to hear her mom shouted again.

“Alright, mom. I’m awake,” he said with narrow voice.

“ I have to go, Dit. Get your meal on the table, okay?”

After Mrs. Endah, his mom, had been gone to her fried snacks stall, with his swollen eyes Adit went to the dining table, founded a glass of chocolate milk and some pieces of Lapis Legit. The Lapis Legit, the souvenirs from his uncle, did not taste as usual, it was even flavorless in Adit’s mouth. Perhaps the one that only he felt that time was just drowsiness. The fact was he ate the meal while his eyes half open.

Getting fed up, Adit straightly swallowed it with the help of one gulp of milk, and then he sighed heavely. With all the laziness, he finally got up immediately, intended to take a bath.

While he was taking a bath, doing typical things that ussually people do when take a bath, his mind kept thinking hard. This morning supposed to be a normal morning like the previous morning before, but why Adit felt something bothering his mind at that time?

After finishing his activity in bathroom, he put his uniform and then ensured his look was perfect. The next activity that Adit usually does was put all the lesson books for today class into his bag.

“Where is my math book… ah, here it is,” he mumbled by himself, then happily put the book to his back.

“hm, next is… English book.”


“oh, wait…”

Suddenly he realized that he slept at 2 a.m. just for finishing the essay which he had to bring that day. Four hour sleeping made him not focus that morning.

“Oh, God!”

In panic, he was thinking hard about where the essay that he made last night was put, and finally he remembered that he put in on the living room. Directly, he ran from his room to the living room, hopped his essay still there, but sadly it was gone.

Without hesitation he ran to Mrs. Endah’s stall because usually his mom knows where everything was placed. When he was not far from there, many people came to his mom stall, but he didn’t care at all. He just ran and ran, and finally faced his mom.

“Mom, did you see my essay? I have to bring it today,” he said with panting breath.

“What essay, dear?” his mom said while took several fried snacks for buyer. Not answering his mom question, Adit looked at a piece of oily paper which was used to cover the bakwan.

Yeah. Ironically, his handwriting was there.

Word Count: 497 words

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