Flash Fiction: Misinterpreted

Hana Rahmawati/180410150003

Mali Koa Hood was a young girl was so ambitious to be a singer. Finally, one month ago she attended the Australian reality talent, The Voice Australia. Her parents were very supported her decision to be a singer until they told her brother named Calum Thomas Hood to escort her to the audition. Previously, Calum should always accompany her went to vocal lessons. To be honest, she didn’t want to burden her brother.

One day in Sunday morning, Mali Koa was sitting in front of the house enjoying a cup of mochaccino. Her mind was only fixed to the announcement of the winner of The Voice Australia’s audition. Suddenly, she saw a man who wore yellow uniform, he seems like a postman looking for something. He was pacing at the end of Victoria St street near St. George Swimming Pool. He looks so confused like Mali Koa Hood.

Today, she should have received a notice from The Voice Australia, but his attention was distracted by the postman. The postman looks like being confused. Mali Koa approached him and said to the postman.

"Good Morning Sir, I think you are so confused. What are you looking for?"

"I’m looking for the owner’s address." Said the postman with his smile.

"Who is the recipient? If I know, I can help you. "

"Here is written Mali K H the address is on Victoria St. Street. Do you know her? "

"Ah, is this from The Voice of Australia?" Said Mali Koa hopefully.

"Yes, exactly. Are you Mali? "

"Yes, I’m Mali Koa Hood. Ah .. I’m really happy this is what I really look forward to!" Said Mali Koa with very beaming face.

"As far as I know, if you receive this letter you get an audition. Congratulations! And please sign here." Said the postman while giving a piece of paper.

"Thank you so much, sir!"

She ran straight to his house with so happy feeling but without researching the package first. She never thought he could pass the audition. It was her dream and the dream came true!

Arriving at home, Mali Koa immediately hugged Calum while cry with happiness.

"What happened?" said Calum.

"Do you know? I got the audition. Look at this!" Said Mali Koa while delivering the package.

Then, Calum saw the package “To: Mali K H in Victoria St, St George 4215”

There was an awkward writing of his sister’s name and address. Calum immediately opened the package and inside there was a merchandise and a letter.

Calum read the letter carefully. It says "Congratulation to Mali Kathryn Hailee …."

Instantly his body weakened and he thought to himself "How am I going to tell her?"

Word count: 450

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