Flash fiction : Lolipop

Ni Putu Ganis Pradnyawati / 180410150030

As i thought before, today Andi is coming to the library and as usual he sit next to the multimedia’s room and I have put my orange lolipop candy on the table. If there is no problem with that, he would take that candy while he was reading his favorite novel Sherlock holmes. By the way,…Introduce my self, i’m Dina. Dina Caroline. Ya i know,it is kind of weird act but i’m falling in love with someone. Two weeks ago, i was amazed to see him when he plays the piano alone in the music room, singing one of my favorite song. Until the day, i’m still visiting the library just for give him a orange lolipop candy everyday. I must be crazy, he would be suspicious immediately. I don’t know what he was thinking when he found that orange lolipop. Maybe for a day or two days, he is just supposed that candy was missed items. But if i gave him everyday, he would have thought there was someone who following him secretly without being able to face to face. Ya…that’s me.

This morning, i’m walking with big smile towards the cafetaria. I intend to buy some lolipop candy for Andi today. I opened the candy jar and looking for that lolipop but it has been sold out since yesterday. For the second time, i didn’t find it again. Then i locked the jar immediately and go back to the class. But suddenly, i heard someone voices who doesn’t famliiar to me.

Honey!!” that voice was heard by me from my backside. It’s like calling for someone

Hei!” answered a girl who shout beside of me. A little bit curious, then i turned around and followed that girl was gone. It’s andi and his girlfriend….i guess, but he calls her with “honey” .

After 2 months i tried to move on from Andi since i knew that he has been having a girlfriend. I literally not to visit the library again and even visit music room. But sometimes i missed to go to that place and i decided to come again, play the piano and singing my favorite song.

Your voice sounds good” said a boy who suddenly come to me. I knew it, it’s Andy.

Andi, what are you doing here? Asked me curiously

It has been 2 months i’m looking for a girl who was giving me a orange lolipop, and now i found her ” he explained . Feels so nervous when I heard he was looking for me. Oh God….i hope this is not a joke.

“ I…..like you, Dina” he gives me an orange lolipop, i can’t say anything at all.

But….how about your girlfriend? “asked me confusedly

Then he told me that the girl who was called “Hani ” not “ Honey “ by him it’s just his classmate .Since then, i’m still buying a lolipop until now with him and assume that my lolipop candy brings fortune to me.

Word count : 498

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