Flash Fiction: I Believe You are Wrong

Berliana Rizka Ramadhanti / 180410150071

“A cat? For a walk? Do cats even walk? Aren’t they just sit all day and eat and getting nothing but fat?” Abyaz said to Rohim, his friends who asked Abyaz to walk Sri, Rohim’s cat.

“Yes, a cat, for a walk, and Sri is a girl. Oh come on, just do it for the money. Just this once.” Rohim replied.

Apart from the unusual request to walk a cat, Abyaz never liked animals, not after he got his knee bitten by a dog when he was a kid. He did not really want to walk Sri, but after counting that he could buy twenty Hearthstone card packs with the money, he accepted, and took Sri for a walk in the pet park.

“Uh, it’s just one hour of boredom. Why did he bought you in the first place if he’s too busy controlling air traffic, right cat? Ah why am I even talking to a cat?” Abyaz mumbled as he walked the cat. He mumbled all the way until a soft voice stop him and made him look.

It was breezing when he first saw her. A beautiful girl playing with a dog. He has never seen any girl like that before, not one that made a dog look not scary to him.

He asked the girl about the dog’s breed—to open a conversation. It was Xifo, the Labrador, and she was India, like the beautiful country, and this India has the most beautiful smile. She is a dog lover, and a rescuer too. India and Xifo would go for a walk every Sunday after church.

His fondness for India made him resist the fear that the newly adopted Ayffon would bite his knee. Abyaz took Ayffon for a walk every Sunday, after he finished salat Ashar, and would have a short—but nice conversation with India.

Weeks passes, and all that Abyaz could think of is India. He loved her, and after putting a lot of thought on it, he decided to let her know, and she accepted his feelings.

Their differences did not trouble them. In fact, they do not care about what is right or wrong anymore. All they know is they wanted to be together.

Three months later, Abyaz’s parents found out that he was adopting a dog, and India’s parents found out about her relationship with someone who does not believe in their God. Both their parents asked them to end their relationship and asked them to walk back on their own right path.

After a month of thinking and a lot of arguing, they finally came into their decision. Abyaz’s love was greater than anything else and he said to India that he would believe her God if that is what it takes to be with her.

“I believe you are wrong, Yaz. You can’t fall in love to a creation more than you love God Himself.” she replied. They hugged for a while, and with tears, they both walked different paths.

Word count: 500


Cin(T)a (2009) by Sembilan Matahari Films and Moonbeam Creations

[tags: #CreativeWriting, #Scribere2017, #FlashFiction]

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