Flash Fiction: Home

Shabrina Eilien Khalishah/180410150025


Home. What is home actually? A person? A place? A feeling? I’m an only child and I was born in a damaged family, my mother ran away with her new boyfriend right after my first birthday and my father is somewhere on earth, only God knows where he is now. I’ve never felt something such a home, the place where I live right now doesn’t feel like home anymore or never felt like it.

I hate it whenever I’m alone and I have nothing to do, the thought of “home” always crossed my mind no matter how hard I tried to avoid it by observing another person or just simply think about another thing which is more important, when am I gonna propose Brianna, for example. It’s been two months since I finished boot camp in the military and now I’m working at my friend’s company. On my day off, I usually just spend my day in my house. My girlfriend would keep me company but she had something important to do today. That’s why I chose to get out of the house and visited Ben’s coffee shop in downtown.

A long sigh escape my mouth as I get up from the chair and about to pay for my tea when my eyes accidentally catch a glimpse of an old woman. I turn my head to her to get a better vision. As I expected, she looks back at me, she even adds a smile before raising her right hand and a waitress approaches her right away. ‘She is having a good time with herself. I see…’ that’s what I thought before asking myself why would I care about another person who I don’t really know. That’s one of my habits, I tend to observe people by their looks when I’m bored and silently wondering about their lives.

I step out of the cafe building with my phone on my left hand after replying to my client’s text about the deadline we’ve discussed before. My phone once again buzzing when I was about to put it back to my pocket. Unknown number, and I’m not sure I know whose number is this. With hesitation, I decided to answer the call.

My heart skips a beat, not in a good way but in a bad way, when I hear each words that came out of the person’s mouth. “You are not joking, are you?” That’s all I can say after trying to recall what he just said. The next thing I know is I feel my body trembling and I run as fast as I can to my car. Now I know what home feels like. Brianna is my home, she is my home. And now my home is gone.

Word count:460

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