Flash Fiction: Free

Dinia Sofia / 180410150018

There was a teenage girl. She lives in poverty, with little money, no mother to give her the love she deserves, and no one to teach her anything about life. Her drunkard penniless step-father is all that she has.

One day, the girl came home from work. When she entered her apartment, she accidently stepped on a scattered pile of bills. She looked around and sees scattered empty liquor bottles everywhere. Right across her, she saw that her step-father asleep on the dining table. She rolled her eyes and began to walk towards the kitchen. She put the grocery bag that she bought earlier on the kitchen counter. She took a plastic bag and began to collect those empty bottles.


Suddenly she dropped one of the empty bottles.

Hoaamm… what is all the noise?!” her step-father awakes.

He rubbed his head, got up, and began to walk to the kitchen.

“Where’s my booze?” he said as he searched through the grocery bag.

The girl ignores her still drunk step-father. She trembles because she intentionally didn’t buy them for him.

Her step-father is a jobless man who somehow manages to make her mother loves him. He has temper issues and always tries to lay a finger on her. Every time she refuses him, he will slap, punch, and even throw liquor bottles at her. She always tries to tell her mother about it but she didn’t believe her. The drinking and raping became even more frequent right after her mother passed away.


Free from him is what she always dreams of. But even though she wanted it, she’s too afraid to rebel from him. So after her mother dies, she shut herself from everyone; only speaks when she think she needed to; she even obeyed him when he forced her to drop out of school and look for jobs instead.

“I said, WHERE IS MY BOOZE YOU BRAT!!” he yelled as he throws a spoon at her but missed.

She kept collecting those empty bottles. He became more furious and suddenly pinned her down to the floor.

“You ungrateful little brat!! You’re lucky I’m still taking you in even after your mother dies!”

She was too afraid to even look him in the eyes.

“LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU! “ He turned her head back at him. He pauses and tries to kiss her and touches her assets.

She struggles but it made him to be more aggressive. She stretched her hand trying to reach the nearest empty bottle and then knocked him on the back of his head with it.

Suddenly he passed out right on top of her. She pushed him and gets up.

She froze as she saw lots of blood came out of his head. She shook him, but he didn’t respond.

She freezes, but then laughs. Suddenly she decided to wash her hands, grabbed her bag, walked out of the apartment happily and never looked back.

Word count: 495

tags #CreativeWriting, #Scribere2017, #FlashFiction

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