Flash Fiction: Focus on Wishes

Eva Aprilia Rahayu / 180410150009

Stared blankly through that gloomy birthday for her, Tulips Veii. She run to the fishpond behind her campus eventhough it is a far place from her dormitory. She wanted an unknown birthday but she didn’t want to be alone too. She has a lot of friends but she trusts no one.

“I’m begging for this fishpond, especially you! The frozen frog! Please let me have an elf and I want a best boyfriend who understands about my imagination.” she raised her prayer loudly after threw a coin to the fishpond.

“An imagination boyfriend.” She spoke, spontaneously.

Canteen knew Veii’s conversation with her friends. Jovan also heard it. Jovan was popular because his badness of playing girls. Jovan had nothing but girls like him as a rude man who likes arguing people when his girlfriend being hurted by anyone. Loudly, Veii said that girls fooled by Jov’s words. Sadly, Jov had been hearing from the door near Veii’s seat. Jov left the canteen before he entered it, he didn’t hear about the last Veii’s words.

“But he is handsome and I admit it, and he is also a romantic guy behind his rudeness”.

Jov was thinking about Veii, not because Jov likes her but Jov only knew her as a first girl who didn’t like him. Jove had a crush on Veii but Veii gave him a bad words by accident. Anger face he gave to the grass, but his love to Veii were too deep. Until Jov knew what supposed he did to Veii. He came back to the canteen and took Veii’s hand in front of people around them.

In a surreal evening, Veii almost cried to herself in front of her favorite fishpond.

“Elf, please. Tell me, that he could be changed for me and he could not be a rude man anymore.” Her prayer came to her mouth while thinking about Jov’s romantic words. She thought Jov was crazy to tell her about that thing. Leaving fishpond and still felt empty.

She fell her body to the bed, and tried to close her eyes.

“Jov could be changed because of you.” Veii opened her eyes suddenly. A voice appeared from nowhere. She thought it was a dream. She closed her eyes. “Veii! Wake up, I am Fairy Po!” the voice came again and made Veii opened her eyes again. Freeze. Shocked. She saw a tiny elf and twice shocked by her standing in front of the fishpond, suddenly.

“Hi, you make the king cursed me to be a human being. He said I fall in love with you since the coin you threw hit me. It is okay, at least I’m cursed not like Jovan who cursed because of his mischief.”

“Wait, what?!”

“Me and Adli are in your dream. Wake up now!”

“Wake up, Veii!!” Veii’s Mom said she was delirous. Veii heard a words.

“Veii, Adli is your imagination boyfriend, what about Jov ?” Po asked Veii. Veii looked at Po, amazed.

Word count: 497

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