Flash Fiction: Bus Stop

Mahsa Islamey/180410150019

It was 7 PM, the bus should have arrived by now. Spending eight hours a day for five days a week in a big building was what he wanted since he was nine, but waiting for a bus for hours at a bus stop wasn’t what he expected. “Well, it’s Jakarta on weekend, after all.”, he sighed as he lit his cigarette.

“I’ll be home late.”, his dad said.

“Again?”, his eyes could tell how sad he was.

“What I do is important.”

His dad kissed him goodbye and left.

Gatra stood silently watching his father left in a nice suit and a fancy car with amazement. He wanted to be like his father ever since.

“Do you have a cricket?”, the girl next to him brought him back to life.

“There she is.”, he thought in mind.

Her smile widened as he handed his cricket. “Thank you.”, she said politely.

Her hair was almost as short as his. Her eyes reminded him of his coffee this morning which he poured too much milk in it. Her lips were so thin you barely saw it from a distance. She didn’t look like a girl who worked near here, but she was always here at this hour.

“Do you work near here?”, Gatra finally had the guts to ask.

“No, I’m waiting for a friend. And you?”

“I’m waiting for a bus. I work in that building. Advertising company.”, he answered as he pointed to the tallest building in that area.

“I’m sorry.”, she giggled.

Gatra was displeased at first but then burst into laughter. He knew what people said about working in an advertising company, especially he was working in the biggest one and was well-known for its reputation.

“Why would you?”, she asked.

“I want to be important.”

“We all do.”, she smiled.

“Wake up and smell the coffee.”, she mumbled.


“You heard it right. Wake up and smell the coffee.”, as if she knew what he was thinking.

They both went silent.

His mind gone missing when they both went silent for almost half an hour.

“I wonder how’s mom doing.”, he muttered in mind.

Gatra lost his mother when he was six. His mother got dissociative amnesia which caused his mother cannot remember what happened to her from one day to the next and it made his dad had to bring his mother back to her parents.

“I better get going.”

“That’s my friend.”, she pointed to the car that just stopped on the roadside.

“It was nice talking with you.”, she said with a smile. This time she showed her crooked teeth a little bit.

“Nice talking with you, too.”, he smiled back.

Gatra watched her until she got into the car and waved to him.

“See you tomorrow, Sarah. Got to wake up and smell the coffee.”, he mumbled as he lit his second cigarette.

He always wanted to be like his father, but he really wished he could skip this one.

word count: 500
#CreativeWriting, #Scribere2017, #FlashFiction

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