Flash Fiction: Bread-Time Story

Alam Rizkiyansah/180410150007

Bread-Time Story

In the afternoon, a six years old boy sat on a rusty chair in the park, wore a slum clothes and ripped pants. The boy was thinking about the chair, like the chair wasn’t the same as before. He held the chair while he rest, he looked around to make sure that the chair wasn’t the one that is different. Then when he looked around, his eyes saw a very old lady sleeping on a chair in front of an old house that looks its about to collapse. He wondered what she were doing there with no one beside her. Suddenly he remembered what his father said about helping each other, with no doubt the boy decided to approach her.

“Hey, why are you sleeping here? You could die of cold. Hey, wake up! You can’t be here!”

Said the boy loudly, tried to wake her up. He repeated those words until she opened her eyes slowly and looked the boy’s eyes deeply. The old lady was very weak, she was almost can’t say any word to him.

“Ahmed. My name. I’m going to buy bread for dinner. My father asked me. But when I was resting on that chair in the park accross the street, I saw you sleeping and I thought you were dead.”

He said that smoothly while he showed the money to buy bread to her. The old lady was just smiling as she heard those words he was said.

“So you would buy bread for dinner? I hope I could get one too. Aisyah. My name.”

Aisyah said slowly. She was grabbing Ahmed’s shoulder when she said that. Like a grandma who was talking with her grandson. Ahmed always keepshis father’s word that he have to help each other. Ahmed thought to give the bread he going to buy to her. Even more.

“You can get my bread. Then you could come to my house. We have a blanket at least. Wait here, I will buy the bread first.”

“If you were the same age as me, I will marry you.”

With a smile on her face, Aisyah said that. Ahmed didn’t fully understand what she meant. He didn’t want to ask her about it anyways. But before Ahmed went to the store, he gave her his gloves.

“Here, it would keep you warm while waiting for me.”

“I really would marry you if I could.”

Then little Ahmed went to the store. He knew that someone needed help and he was right there to help her. Ahmed was very happy while in the store and on the way back. Because he knew that he is a good boy. But when he arrived, his father was standing in front of Aisyah.

“I found your gloves, but she’s dead. Who is she?”

Ahmed saw her just holding his gloves and didn’t wear it.

“Aisyah. I hope I will meet her in heaven.”


His dad replied.

“I’m holding her bread.”

Word count: 497

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