Flash Fiction: Bizarre Concoction

Ainun Amelia/180410150012

The two black bucket filled water was spill out on the ground while Anne is daydreaming under the tree. Anne noticed and quickly turn the faucet off then continue to washing her laundry. Anne thinking about what will happen next with her family, they don’t have much money to buy some food or even the medicine for her father. The only way she can do is looking for some plants that exist around the village and cook it with tasteless and potluck. Fortunately, Anne understands about the kinds and functions of plants because her mother taught her when Anne still 10 years old, and also her nature that want to know about many things.

“Daddy your dinner and your medicine are ready.” Mr. Walt stand up from his bed with trembling feet and assisted by Anne. “Anne I think my leg is getting weakens. Since this morning my feet continue to tremble. I just can lay on my bed.” Anne heard what her father told felt so crumbling and sad with her father’s condition getting weakens and weakens. Anne just silent while looking at her father pity. Anne continue her dinner with gusto after working hard all day, but her heart can’t lie that she is sad.

Next morning Anne looking for some plant for her father’s medicine in the garden of the village. She got some Curcuma Zanthorrhiza also Aloe Vera and Gynura Divaricata for medicinal ingredients. Suddenly, an old lady came up to Anne. The lady looks so weird with her ash coat and messy hair. She gave Anne a transparent potion bottle with purple liquid inside. “Be safe.” Then the lady left. Anne wondering who that old lady is and what she gave is. She just put the potion in her basket and back to home.

Anne goes to the kitchen and making her father’s medicine. Anne just mixes all the plants she got from the garden and cooks them into a liquid medicine and she grab the potion that the old lady gave her and takes courage to pour it to the medicine. In a second something strange happened with the concoction that she made. The concoction is exploded and foaming. Anne don’t have idea with that concoction, it never been like that before. Quickly Anne extinguishes the stove to stop the explode and the foam, but even the concoction is popping strange things. Anne step back slowly and gaping, she can’t believe the concoction popping gold coins. Anne was very surprised with the magic happened.

Anne ran to her father and told him “Daddy! see what happened with this concoction! It turned into gold coins!” Mr. Walt shocked to see his daughter wear a beautiful rose gold dress. “Anne where did you bought that beautiful dress?” “Oh my god! This is a magic! Dad, you should drink the concoction!” Mr. Walt drinks the concoction and slowly he turned to fresh and strong like a 30-year-old man. “What a bizarre concoction”.

Word count: 500 words

[tags: #CreativeWriting, #Scribere2017, #FlashFiction]

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