Flash Fiction: And It Comes After the Mess of The Heavy Storm

Rachmah Setya Utami/180410150061

And It Comes After the Mess of the Heavy Storm

The moment should have been perfect.

In the 29 years of her life, Ghia had never been wanting things this much. She had done many things, that was one reason. She had graduated from school since 11 years ago, trying at least 5 different jobs before she had married the man she loved, taking additional courses just to spend her time better, having fun with her nephews and nieces, and so on. Things that people considered a must in the life-to-do-list. However, her life had not been complete yet. As a seven-year-married woman, she had been terribly feeling lonely. It was not about friends or family, she had had her share on those, but it was her own dream.

Andra, her husband, and she had been in marriage for quite a long time. Seven years was not a little number. Ghia dreamt about a kid, often. Moreover, when her husband could not make it home for overseas business trip and such, the bed always felt colder. Her heart was emptier. So when all the longing phase was finally passed, should this be the happy moment?

“What do you mean by that?” Andra set his eyes intensely at her.

The room feel silent. Unconsciously Ghia tightened her hands around their newborn daughter. She never actually told Andra about the matter and now, she could not possibly blame the man for widening his eyes like that and standing like a stone there. Yet, she braced herself for giving the answer.

“Your parents seemed to doubting my daughter.” She stressed the phrase ‘my daughter’ to let him know exactly what she meant by that. “And I think they do want to get some assurance.”

Ten, or maybe more seconds, Andra was still silent. When he finally responded, the words were hissed. “Like hell I would allow that!”

Then, he never came back. Not after an hour later, not after a night passed either.

Ghia could not take it any longer. As soon as the nurse excused herself from her room, her tears fell. She never once imagined that her marriage would be at stake right after they had their first child. Andra was not the type to get angry easily at her and this time was surely something different. No calls and no messages. Ghia sobbed, rather uncontrolably without even noticing that the room was entered by someone. She didn’t look up, not before a hand softly touching her face.

“I’ve cleared up everything.” the person said.

Ghia watched him like he was suddenly growing another pair of arms and legs and complete with wings. A mutant that was not terrifying at all, but just… a peculiar being.

“I don’t want to hear the stupid decision from you again.” Andra shrugged. “I cannot believe that you think I would have doubt on our daughter!” He sighed and laughed, then placed a kiss on her forehead.

This should be… the happy moment she had waited, shouldn’t it?

Yes, Ghia smiled.

Word count: 496

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