Flash Fiction : A Shift of Identity

Rifki Hafian Rasyid / 180410150065

“John, they didn’t do any crime”

“But they did do it, to me”

John Frank works at the renown Carver Enterprise. Currently they are renown for their newest service “skill-shift”. Skill-shift allowed you to obtain a skill of another person. These skills were obtained by people who donate their skills to a machine called “shifter”. Few people are using it due to its price, one of them is me. I saved a lot of money so that I can get a new job as a security guard.

“I’m telling you that Erik Carver himself kidnapped me. He knows I’m a good cook”

It feels weird hearing all of this from him, because he’s the very man who introduced the service to me back then. He used to believe in Carver Industry and he helped me gather funding to uses Skill-shift.

“I’m also sure that those terrorism act is his act too”

Five months ago nine donators were kidnapped by terrorist in the Carver Enterprise building. They were forced to used the shifter and give their skills to the terrorists. Unfortunately those terrorists were incompetent and instead they blown themselves along with the donators.

“It’s just a rumor. Look man I’m just trying to be good man, and I’m pretty sure that Mr. Carver is a–”

“Nice public act, yes. I mean it just so happened that he isn’t inside the building when the explosion happened. It just so happened that he saves his employee when he arrived there. And oh he promote his product after that”

I mean he had a point, he was supposed to be in the office. And I’m pretty sure the public face of a company should maintain that kind of public act.

“Okay fine. What do you want me to do”.

I believed him, he is after all the one who helped me after I became a security guard.

So we enter the building and uses the elevator to go to the fifth floor. Inside is the office of Erik Carver. John said there will be evidence inside the computer there.

“John don’t you have the key?”

“Grant, you’re the security guard, YOU have the key”

I felt stupid. So I unlock the door for him and get inside, but the only thing inside is a vault containing Erik Carver personal saving. I look behind me and Grant was holding a baton


I drop down to floor while John goes immediately to the vault

“John what are you–-”

“What? You actually believe my stories?. Erik Carver, CEO of Carver Enterprise kidnapped someone because he envied his cooking skills? Uses terrorists to promote? Man you’re naive, but I guess that is to be expected as I handpicked you anyway. “Grant Tynion” sounds good for a robber name anyway”

He lied to me. All this time.

“I gotta admit, you helped me a lot for getting me these fortune. Well we don’t want your skills going to waste with your imprisonment would we?”

Word Count : 500

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