Flash Fiction: A Gap in my Knowledge

Achmad Dani Rizki N/180410150076

Although many people see us close to each other, which is very unlike many typical brother-sister relationship, I never know how my brother is at school. This question never occurred to me until recently, when he started coming home late and spends most of his time in his room, only coming out to eat. Before, he was very active at home, he would help around the house and even maybe help me with my homework if he was feeling confident, but now it’s just the papers and me alone.

I’ve seen movies depicting of how life is in high school, there are so many problems and social dramas presented, and recently I’ve been watching a TV series where a student killed herself because of bullying. I know chances are that it’s not like that at all and the TV programs are just being hyperbolic. I’m not the type to blindly believe anything, except if it’s plausible, and I’m willing to bet that some of the stuff I see on TV still goes on in there, if not most. What if he’s being bullied? Being depressed with no way to vent out? Or worse, what if he’s making the other kids feel like that? I’m very concerned for him, and being three years younger which makes me never in the same school as him doesn’t help.

I know I can just straight up ask him what’s going on, like every normal person would but I know that he would never give me straight up answer. Every time he comes home, thankfully, we still have dinner on the table like normal. However whenever my parents ask my brother about school he would always just joke about how hard the subjects are, so hard that some of his friends are taking drugs, “I’m running an empire there just by selling to them” he jokingly states, and then we would all just laugh it off and dismiss it for how silly it is. The only good thing I see from that is that he still has his sense of humor, we could always use a few good laughs here and there. But somewhere, in the back of my mind there’s always a voice saying that every lie always has some truth to it.

Of course, I know that even as brothers and sisters, we don’t have to know everything about one another. Hell, even I have some secrets of my own that I would never share, just by thinking about them makes me want to exchange school to another country. Thinking like that makes me feel at ease sometimes, that this is normal, we’re teenagers, this is a perfectly natural thing to be happening. Little did I know, that thought goes away the moment I decided to knock on his door, eyes wide, as I reach for the phone in my pocket to call the emergency services.

Word count: 483 words

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