Creative Writing: Flash Fiction

Bevlyn Fellicia180410150028

The Last Coffee

I can taste it, how sweet and warm the coffee will be within my mouth. Oh I envy him, it must be nice sitting there drinking cup of latte and not even bother of getting wet and cold out here. If I’m not being clumsy I must be walking back home by now using little black umbrella or maybe with some coffee to keeps me warm, how can I forget where was the last time I put my bag. I’m too busy thinking, since when he was standing there? Did he know that I have been looking at him for quite a while?

“Isn’t it cold outside? I’ll buy you some coffee while you wait for the rains to stop.” He said to me. I was dazed a little, hi sudden arrival surprised me quite a lot. Without I even noticed, I nodded and followed him inside.

“The reason why i was looking at you not because I want you to buy me a coffee, I’m not that cheap,” I said ” I was mesmerized by the way you look. Wait! No! I mean the latte, of course!” And then he laughs. He has those sweet eyes while he laughs; he looks like a warm person to me. There was an accident, I told him. It was quite a big accident I guess, since there was not only one but there were two ambulances in the area. The victim was covered by blood, I said to him. “It must be shocking to see that kind of thing.” He asks me, and I nodded. He suddenly tells me story about his dog, named Barry. He said so I can forget about the accident I saw before. The rain is not heavy as before, I’m about to say goodbye and also thank you to him, but then he get out of his chair “I walk you home.” He said, and I agree.

It takes 20 minutes when I arrived amaround my neighborhood. “Something strange.” I said, “What is it?” He asked, I point my finger to the house where some people are gathered around now. “I guess I see some police there.” I took a big step so i could get faster there, he followed me in silent. I could hear someone’s crying, it was my dad, with my aunt beside him. I clearly saw him holding something in his arm, a photograph of mine. I clam up a second, and then I look at him. He smiles “I don’t want you to be alone,” he said “not in your last time.” “It was nice.” I smile. For the first time, I have never felt this warm.

Words count: 470

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