Flash Fiction: A Flamboyant Stalker

Yoga Permana/180410150006

In a really small town in Jakarta, there is this woman, a single mother of theree sons, called La Petite. She is one of the members of Anti-Murder organization, an organization that curses the killers all around the world. Her husband left her a year after she gave birth to three sons for a side chick, but she was careless and chose to find another man. She had been looking for a new man since the first day her husband left her. There were no man could catch her attention, until one day, she went to supermarket and accidently met a guy who is flamboyant, and a gentleman, his name is Alfonso. One day, they went on a really romantic first date, in a not so fancy restaurant and he told her that he wanted to be her boyfriend and she undoubtedly said yes. As their relationship progresses, Petite invited Alfonso to spend the weekend with her family in Bekasi. There Alfonso bonds with Petite’s parents by taking her father to a football game. Petite’s mother insisted that Petite and Alfonso slept in separated rooms and Petite attempted to sneak into Alfonso’s bed. Alfonso told her to respect her parents and sent her back to her own room. This only served to endear him to Petite. Returning home from Bekasi, they stopped at a gas station and suddenly a random guy complimented Petite about Alfonso’s car. Alfonso watching from inside the station and thought the man was flirting with Petite. Alfonso stormed out and viciously attacked the random guy, beaten the random guy to a pulp while Petite screamed. He yelled at Petite to get in to the car when the station’s owner told them to leave at gunpoint saying he’s called the police. The night later, she met Alfonso for dinner and explained about what he had done. Alfonso became increasingly agiated and finally slammed the table when Petite refused his efforts to apologize. Over the several weeks, Alfonso stalked Petite at her office and almost everywhere. Until one night, Alfonso broke into Petite’s house. He heard the shower running and entered the bathroom. The steam made it impossible to see into the shower stall, but Alfonso heard the shotgun cock behind him. He returned and saw Petite pointed a gun to him. Both of them fought and Alfonso threw Petite down the stairs. Finally she could incapacitated him and he had no gun anymore. Alfonso dared Petite to shoot him, Petite finally shot him with a warning shot right on his arm. When Alfonso asked what it was, she said that was a warning shot. As he continued to advance, she finally shot Alfonso with an actual shell, it killed him and crashed him back and shattered the glass top livingroom table. After all the craps happened, she decided to surrendered herself to the police. The next day, Anti-Murder organization found out about it and they banned and fired her from the organization unpolitely.

Word count: 496

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