Flash Fiction: Lee’s Application for An Occupation

Yusuf (Kou Guizhi) / 180110169003

Lee had just graduated from senior high school. Since his father died several years ago, with his mother’s little salary, it was impossible to support him to go to the college. After thinking twice, he resolved to find a job in the big city considering the future development.

Therefore, he went to city Guangzhou. The first thing after he settled in the hotel was to look for an occupation intermediary agent. The staff asked him some basic questions and told him to wait patiently.

The fourth day, he received a phone call asking him to attend a job interview.

“Good morning, Mr. Lee. I’ve seen your resume. You graduated from senior high school, so maybe it’s not suitable to put you on any other position that requires adequate skills as well as specialized knowledge. But maybe you can start with some accounting work here. As you know, our company focuses on technological production; the only job that you may deal with is probably like kind of accountant. However, I have to make sure that you are good enough in your mathematics, it’s a necessity for the job, and you ought to be capable of using some office software, especially Excel. ” Said the interviewer.

Lee was a bit awkward. He was actually not good at math. Moreover, he did not EVEN know the software Excel. He came from countryside, where the number of teachers was not enough, let alone the modern equipment like computers. It was a great opportunity to get a job here, and he was pleasant with the atmosphere in this company. So if he convinced the interviewer that he could do well in calculation, it was quite possible for him to get the job. But what if some day they found that in fact his job couldn’t be finished well or even influence the other working fellows’ work, was he himself able to do with that situation? Of course not.

“Dear Mr. Interviewer,” Lee answered, “To be honest, I am not good at math; as for the Excel, I’m sorry I have not heard of it before, because I come from a poor countryside. However, at least I am young. I can watch and learn, probably I cannot learn so fast or well as others, but I promise that I will spend the double or more the efforts, as long as you offer me an opportunity.”

The interviewing office kept silent for a while; Lee thought that he had little probability. When he was about to express thanks for this interview, unexpectedly, the interviewer said:

“All right, since you are honest, and young as you say, I’d like to give you an opportunity, probation period for three months. Let’s see how you behave.”

“Than…Thank you! Thank you very much! I will try my best!” How grateful Lee felt. He had got a chance; he would hold on tight to it and start a new life.

“Let’s see how I behave!” He encouraged himself in the heart.

Word count: 499 words

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