Flash Fiction: Edge of Happiness

Fahrin Wilasa Fiandhika / 180410150064

“Finally, it’s about time you wake up, Josh.” said Rise. I squirmed against the other side of the bed, trying to collect my consciousness as the pale yellow light creeps into my room through the slit of the curtain. I wished she had woken me up earlier, even though I already set the alarm before I went to sleep. I walked to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. After that, I walked to my dresser to put on some clothes.

“Hold your horses, cowboy. Clean your car first before you get us to campus.” Rise called.

“Rise, we don’t have much time left, you know what time it is?” I said, grabbed my car key and headed towards to the garage. Rise followed me afterwards and shoved her way into the passenger seat.

“Hey, Josh…” Rise said, “…step on it if you want to catch that class you are fond of.”

I grinned at her and said, “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

I drove my way to campus and saw my watch. I was shocked to know the class would begin in five minutes! I stepped on the gas, because I wanted to submit my assignment before the lecturer arrived.

I parked the car hurriedly while Rise said her goodbyes then she walked to her class as I sprinted to my class. Alan looked up from his seat when I got in. The lecturer was not in sight.

“Josh!” Alan called. “At least you had arrived before it’s too late. You know you would be dead meat if you came in late.”

“Thanks for saving my back, Alan.” I replied with a long sigh.

“Anyway, Cathrine gave me a message for you. I completely dropped the ball when she gave the message.”

My heart whacked around my chest. “She gave me a message? What was the message?”

Alan whispered to my ear and said, “You’re such an idiot, Josh.”

“Oh, that message? Why didn’t you remind me about that and told her I’m okay?” I replied.

Alan smiled drowsily. “That you’re an idiot? Okay. You’re an idiot. And two, I forgot to tell her.”

“That’s great, thanks for the scene you made.” I said. Alan let his laugh out loud.

My mind was wandering elsewhere when I heard some knocks on the window. I glanced at it. There she was: Rise. I rushed my way towards her, looking like I just watched Trump dancing in a bikini.

“Rise, what brings you here?” I asked. I waited for her answer but she kept silent, until she gave me a photo of her and immediately ran away.

I stared at the photo to find Rise smiling with another guy. I flipped the picture and noticed there were three words written in her curly handwriting: “I’m sorry, Josh.”

Then I realized what she meant, and a ringing filled my head, jingling as Alan quickly grabbed me before I collapsed, but I was far too busy to check.

Word count: 500

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