Flash Fiction: The World Where Everyone Can Choose Their Own Future

Aditya Adinugraha/180410150022

Someone once said this to me: “What’s freedom?”. I didn’t know what was the answer back then, so I asked that person the very same question. “Well, I can’t tell you about it. You have to figure it out yourself” was his answer. In fact, even now, I’m still seeking the answer to that question.

Born from a royal family, I always get anything I want. My father, the running monach, always does whatever he can for his people. As the one and only child, it goes without saying that everyone expects me to be the future king. And surely, I am going to take the throne as the next king but before that I have to find my answer first. With that being said, I left for a journey.

I went to the east kingdom, visiting the town there by riding a caravan. It’s my first time going outside the kingdom, so I didn’t know what I was going to encounter. As soon as the caravan passed the gate, I could see the vast scenery. The sun shines brighly and the weather was great. It’s as if my journey received the blessing from God.

I finally arrived at the town after several hours. The town was named Redline. It’s located between the two kingdom, so many people from outside visited it. I spent the first day resting in the inn. The next day, I decided to go around the town.

When I walked around, I bumped in to a man. “Ah, sorry” I said. “No, it’s my fault.” the man replied. He had slender body, and his eyes shined like a cystal. However, there’s something different from his ears. Its shape was not like other persons’. He was a half-elf. People around us started gathering and mumbling. As I wondered what they’re mumbling, the man suddenly ran away from the crowds. He forgot to take his hat. Hat that had been covering his ears until now. I decided to take the hat with me, hoping to be able return it to him. Then, I looked for him, asking every person. When I started to lose hope, there’s someone who finally knew about him. He told me to go to the lake near the town. However, he advised me not to go there. But, I still went there.

I saw a house near the lake. I gathered my courage and knocked the door. But, no one opened. “It’s me. I want to return your hat.” After that, the door’s opened. It’s the man I’d been looking for. But, I only gave the hat and excused myself. I decided not to ask what happened because at that time I already knew. Then, I came back to my kingdom. I told my father that I already knew the answer. In the next month, I became the king and decided to make the world a better place.

Word count: 484

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