Flash Fiction: Silent Wolves

Rhendy Suslaphanda/180410150021

I heard a lot of great stories about people around me, and around the world. There were some stories about a person’s adventures, challenges, romances, and downfalls. Well, I made my own story about me and my friend back in the 17th century. The year was 1731, when the Great Aurasia Empire marched into our peaceful country just for expanding its territory.

Urelia, our country, was known for its oil wealth, so it’s not a surprise if there was any our neighbor country came to steal one. After hearing the news, Urelia’s high command issued immediately a soldier conscription for men and women. Without thinking, I was assigned as one of the soldier to defend my country and my family from the invaders. Thousands of men left their home, wives, and children fighting for honor and glory.

Soon I was assigned into one of the rifle company called Diamond Dogs. This rifle company main task is was to infiltrate behind enemy lines and destroy their chain of command. There, I met Gur, one of Diamond Dogs member who was assigned to do task with me.

Surprisingly after 1 year in this cruel war, I was still breathing while many of my teammates had died. But Gur, still supported me even in desperate time. People called us silent wolves because we always succeed sabotaging enemy chain of command without triggering any attention. Even if there was a price for every head of us, there was no fear inside of us. In instant, we became the war hero and every mouth in the battlefield spoke our stories.

One day we got an assignment to infiltrate deep within enemy headquarters. It was the hardest task we had ever been given by high command. Killing enemy high command officers was our top priority. That time we didn’t realize that we were being betrayed by our country. The extraction team left us in the cold winter forest without any life support inventory. For the first week we were running out of food supply, we struggled to find any animal and plant to prevent us from starving, but now it’s a winter where everything was frozen. Every night we thought about why we were getting betrayed? So far, we were doing our job so well and almost no mistakes at all.

3 weeks after lost in the woods, Gur caught his last breath caused by hunger and hypothermia. I couldn’t do anything but left him behind in that pile of cold snow. Eventually, 3 days after that I was faint out in the middle of blizzard storm. When I woke up, I saw an Aurasia Empire flag and some enemy officers asked a lot of question that I really didn’t know.

Years has passed, I knew that now I’m stronger than before. Right now I come back to my country, Urelia. I got back my nicknames as the silent wolves. But right now, I’m pointing my guns and knife at them to know the truth.

Word Count :499

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