Flash Fiction: Hotel California

Elghiffari Hidayat/180410150070

It was on the first quarter of 2009. In the desert area of Coalinga in California, there was a car which didn’t have an exact route to go. He drove his car wildly by turning to left and right uncontrollably on a straight road just like a drunkard. Actually, he didn’t drunk nor in an effect of narcotics. He was in limit of his stamina, because he already has driven for three days straight without any break except eating and toilet.

His car went more uncontrollably, until he hit a tree and the car’s engine was busted. He walked out of his car with a staggering movement. He kept walking in the in the darkness until he saw a shimmering light. When he was close to the source of the light, he saw a building that resembled with a mansion. He had no other option instead went to the mansion to take some rest. Although the man presumed the place as a mansion, in the entrance door of the building there was a board written “Hotel California”.

The Man opened the hotel’s door. Immediately he saw a big hall with a lot of chandeliers in every corner and in the middle of the hall. The hall was still dark when he only arrived at the hall, but suddenly the chandelier lightened itself with some silhouettes appeared from the stairs located at the edge of the hall. He saw one man and five women walked toward him. The man couldn’t hear their footsteps, but he assumed it caused by his consciousness was starting to fade away.

The waiters introduced themselves, with Lucerus as the head server. Lucerus accompanied The Man into an unoccupied room. The Man spent his thirty minutes in the room by laying down in the bed, releasing his fatigue that he got in this crazy day. After a while, he heard someone knocking his room. It was one of the waitress brought a supper for him. He actually surprised when he saw his supper. It was a rare dry-aged steak with some caviars and truffles as the topping. But as his tiredness kicked his consciousness, he went to sleep.

The Man slept until the dusk arrived. When he woke up, he found his room was very dusty as though it was never occupied for years. He also saw his plate yesterday as it was filled with maggots. He ran out of the room, frightened as he felt that his life was in danger. In the exit door of the hotel, he saw a big winged demon. With a pale face The Man heard the Demon talked to him with a deep pitch voice. “Welcome to the Hotel California, Mr. Michael Busch the Infamous guitarist. My name is Lucerus. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Just like Kurt Cobain.”

On third quarter of 2009, Michael Bush died at his home on North Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles caused by suicidal.

References: The Eagles – Hotel California

Word Count: 496 words

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