Character Description: Played Player

Muhammad Reza Alamsyah180410150043

Character Description: “Played Player”

Walking under the dark cloudy sky this morning, he looks like he is not him, so slow like he is not moving but he is. His mind is full of questions of why. He was not think that this will even happen last night.

He played that Dota 2 all night long last night. “This is a great chance to beat this guy. I will make this night as the worst he’s ever had,” said Dzikru, not inside his mind, instead he was screaming out loud, thinking who’s going to be disturbed, I am alone here in this house. Seriously hitted the keyboard so hard, nearly broken by his fingers. Looked at the bright display for hours, still trying. There were lots of screams, but the last one was the loudest, ‘Scream of Defeat’.

He closed his eyes for seconds, scratched his head, made his black-short-thick hair looks messy so bad. Threw his body to the bed, realised it’s 5 a.m, office at 7 –those papers of work are waiting still, no sleep yet, damn. His eyes closed.

As you guessed, late, he came late this morning, again, for more. Mr. Grey was on his highest disappointment to Dzikru. Fired.

All this time, Dzikru has been a truly vigurous guy. Finished his bachelor degree through long difficulties for years. Stays on different island without parents. Working in his former office of national magazine was his dream. His only problem is that he has the night like it is morning. Spend it by playing his all time favorite game. He wasn’t played the game, the game played him.

He is still walking. Crying.

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