Character Description: Kim’s New Friends

Nabhila Irsaad/180410150035

Kimmy and his dad stood on the edge of the shiny pavement, waiting the tolerance of passing car and truck drivers to let them cross the wet road. It was cold, and the air wasn’t really good for Kimmy’s little nose, but she was in the safest place she’d ever been. Her pink jacket and striped beanie would mean nothing if those strong, loving arms didn’t wrap her like her mother always did.

Kimmy was the loudest girl today in the class, and maybe the happiest, because there was not a second that went by that she didn’t think of meeting the loveliest, the most caring and beautiful woman on earth. And to Miss Tia, today was special because the five-year old girl didn’t make other kids cry or screwed up her day—well, Miss Tia loves kids, but sometimes Kimmy was too much for a five-year old little girl.

“Is her house far from here?” asked Kim.

“No, buddy. We’ll be there soon.” His dad answered as a giant truck passed by. He lift his daughter up when it felt like she was drowning from his arms—she’s heavy now. He smiled to her, “I am glad that Miss Tia said you were great today.”

“I can’t wait to meet mommy!” Kim’s face showed the true happiness of a five-year old girl and in a second it destroyed something he just built in his chest. They hadn’t met Mrs. Hansen for almost one months—well, at least Kim hadn’t. He knew it felt like a year for his only daughter.

“Me too, sweetheart. But we’re going to meet some new friends, and they live with her.” He really hoped his voice tone didn’t change. All Kim knew was her mother had something important to do far far away from home.
“Why do they live with her? Do they love her?”

“Yup, as you love her.” I hope, he thought.

“It’s okay then.” Kim playfully touched her lips.

Just a few seconds later, holding her daughter, Mr. Hansen crossed the road as it was free from the vehicles.

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