Character Description: An Altruism Boy among The Crowd

Jihaan Jullanaar Mazaya/180410150039

Dean is an 18 years old student who is taking law study. He is just graduated from a senior boarding high school, so he is accustomed to live together and share anything he has with people near him. Crowd and noise are situations he really familiar to be live with. He has been living far from house since he was 6 years old. This peculiar boy lives in such a careless typical family, his mother and father are too busy to work and never realize that they have Dean to be taken care of. It makes him thinks that living in the house is like living in a small box where he can’t explore anything and cant to be explored by anyone. He always thinks hard to find his comfort zone, so he tries to meet some people then he can be explored by them. He is happy to be a useful person in his inner circle, he feels pleasure when everyone needs him to help them. It is such a joyful when he found himself in the crowd. But Dean is dissolved in his world, he forgets his study. Dean often absents in the class, it makes Dean’s relationship with his parents become worse. Dean’s looking for escape so he can cooling down from his family’s pressure. Traveling is the result he got. By traveling, he got any new experiences that sometimes make him think a lot about everything he has done and what to do to repair his study and his relationship with the parents.

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