Character Description: Yin and Yang

Muhammad Salman Alfiansyah / 180410150038

He is painting seriously his own restaurant while there is someone playing his smartphone. It is his routine activity every two months. People always call him Mang Ucup though His real name is Yusup Supriyatna. He is 27 years old. He is very kind and a hard work man, while his brother, Udin 25 years old, whose playing his smartphone when he’s working up painting the store is the contradiction of him. Even people named him the sloth. Mang ucup is a good role for the another business man, there are a lot of his business friend came over to his place only for asking some advices regarding their business, but people still cannot believe that his own brother has a bad personality.

One day it’s unusually Mang ucup’s customer looking Mang Ucup with an angry face despite with his personality. He has a quarrel with his brother. Mang ucup shouting “I’ve had enough with your behaviour, don’t you feels ashamed? People is always badmouthing you because your personality”. Mang ucup doesn’t have any choice but to make his brother become a good business partner. He couldn’t kick out his brother from this business because his business is a family business. After his father passed away Mang Ucup got a testament from his father, his father wanted his sons succeeding his business together. Mang Ucup has good relation upon his customers. He is being told by his Chinese customer that they are likes Yin and Yang, Mang ucup and his brother. Furthermore, Mang Ucup could not running the business by himself because the current business situation.

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