Character Description: The Run(a)way

Saffira Marwah Desinta / 180410150036

The year is 2020. The year when everything is on its place. In her 20s she got her Bachelor’s Degree, has a plan to buy her dream car, her modeling career is rising, not to mention how people starts to recognize her and treats her with so much love after her face is being featured on different high class magazines. The kind of love she never get before she entered the modeling world.

It should be easy to smile and pretend everything is fine. She just needs to put on her killer smile and pose to the camera like she always does. She never encountered any difficulties when it comes to do photo shoots or walking on the runway, because giving her very 100% is a must. That should be easy.

I love to be on the runway, she said. Just because she likes to be on the center of attention. I’d love to answer every questions the reporter asks me, she said. So she would have someone to talk to, even for just a minute or two. But the truth is, she just feels lonely and in needs for some kind of distractions. She has always wanted to run, run away and never come back.

The time is 07.55. Great, now I am officially late for the class on the first session and I need to submit the assignment as well. I have to get going and run before I starts to make up some scenarios and conversations inside my head again. Ah, but the car have to be on dark blue colour. Well, for now the only option is a car with dark brown colour on it. Wait, I think I need to stop.

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