Character_Description: A Young Girl Who Want To Survive

Abdurrahman Mubarok/180410150042

Most people called her Eneng. Maybe they think that word “Eneng” could identify a village young girl who is beautiful, graceful, and also kind. However, in reality her true name is Ajeng Puspita Maharani. She had lived for fourteen years in Jakarta and she is a descendent of the rich family. Her father worked as a lawyer at Istana Negara. Her luxurious life changed after his father had passed away in a shooting incident, few years ago. Her luxury jewelries and car was sold, her reputation as the richest girl in the school was broken, she was hated by her friends, and even she had to stop her school because she could not pay her expensive school cost anymore.

Today, she is seventeen. In this her special day, she will not able to feel how great the celebration day is. There are no dad, no beautiful dresses, and no luxurious gifts. But, this is not the right time to think about luxury. She thinks seriously about how to survive with her mother and little sister. This situation forces her to work. More than half of her day is spent for selling cilok. It made her realizes that getting money is not as simple as she is thinking about. It needs more than working hardly.

She often feels embarrassed and looks like want to die when her friends see her job. Sometimes she asks “God …why is this happen to me? It is the punishment because I had became an arrogant, isn’t it?”.

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