Character Descriptions: Dont Be Afraid of The Future

Khairo Shathi/180410150047

Praduta skimmed the bookshelf and his hand stop at the black colored book in the middle, the book is about court of justice then he stared out of the window and he saw a bunch of students came out from the room talking and laughing as if they were enjoying the life they had. He is only twenty years old guy with social life he had lot of friends, good grates, and his family were also supportive towards what he did, but somehow he felt like he had not had enough experience and something was missing in his life. After that he started to read the book in order to find something for his thesis, as he read the book he could not help but thought about the fact that he still have plenty of time to be with his friends. He had never been afraid of anything, in fact he did not have any problem in socializing with new people, but he did not want to have any regret in his life. He decide to put the book in bookshelf he saw a quote on the wall which got him thinking about how he should not have any doubt in his life. He realized that there are worlds beyond the life he lived.

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