Character Description: Unyielding Spirit

Faris Indra Baswara/180410135001

Ever since he finished senior high school, Pongo always wanted to be a businessman. His father was a successful pharmaceutical re-seller in Indonesia. Being his only son, his father taught him a lot about his trade since he was still in junior high in hope that someday Pongo will be capable to take over the family business. Pongo, now 21 years old, was studying economy in nearby college. He was determined to finish his study as his father promised him that he will give his seat to him when he graduated from college.

The still air of the library suddenly moved with the vibration of his phone. None of his friend would usually call him, so Pongo knew right away that it was a call from his father. Not a minute passed after he pressed the answer button on his phone, his smiling face turned to frown. His father has lost the business because He was deceived by one of his trusted associate. This terrible news made Pongo went home right away. Carrying only his phone and leaving his backpack behind.

Pongo saw an ambulance that parked in front of his house. He asked his mother what had happened. She said that stress has taken over the well-being of his father because all that left from the family business was debt, and that their savings will only last for a few months. This incident broke Pongo’s heart. He feels like he was taken away from his dream. But he didn’t surrender to fate just yet. He asked permission to his mother to take half of their savings to fund his own business. Now, Pongo own a successful online shop. He spent most of his time in the college’s garden where he could deal with order from his phone.


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