Character Description: The Woman Who Ran Away

Amira Sofa / 180410150048

The Woman Who Ran Away

Kay was all set with her hiking gears. She could still remember the way her father yelled at her, telling her she would be grounded if she dared to go hiking again. Kay took a deep breath – trying to convince herself that running away from home was the best decision she could do. No one was around her. All she saw was an empty street. So she decided to take a little walk and look for any public transportation that could bring her to Dieng.

Kay is a twenty one years old student who loves hiking. Having enough budget, good communication skills, and traveling passion, Kay even more desires to be a travel-vlogger. However, her family does not think the same way. Raised by a conservative Javanese family, Kay is never supported in making her dreams come true. She was always told to fulfill her parents’ daughter stereotypes; having clean jobs, being submissive, and doing things as she is told. Kay is rebellious especially towards her father, the one who strictly wants her to grow up being a woman who only knows how to cook, take care of children, and paint batik. The way her parents treat her makes Kay always go without permission if she wants to go hiking. Tanya and Dian, Kay’s two best friends are also not supportive enough of her. They even say that being a travel-vlogger is only for those who don’t have brain but do have money. Kay has heard it for so many times, but she keeps on saying she has both money and brain to be a travel-vlogger.

An angkot suddenly stopped right in front of Kay. Kay continued her journey to Prau as she got in the angkot. She promised that this would not be the end of her dream.

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