Character Description: The Two Faced

Syafitri Athaya Oktari/180410150053

Nora, a bright eighteen year old high school student, gets excited over little things easily like when her favorite manga characters end up together or when her birthday cake from her friends doesn’t have Patrick Star’s face on it. She’s also passionate about the things she likes. Because of that, she’s well known as this very cheerful girl who is full of enthusiasm but sounds like a duck when she talks loudly.

At least that’s how people see her.

Nora is still a “cheerful” girl in front of her friends but she has stopped being that person at home. In Nora’s mind, that girl died months ago when she heard the words she never thought she would hear from her mother.

“I’ve always regretted giving birth to you.”

Nora was okay with her mother treating her badly, got yelled at even though she didn’t do anything wrong, and she was okay with her mother not telling her who her father is. She loved and respected her mother no matter what. But hearing those seven words from her mother changed her. Nora stops talking to her mother and obeys everything her mother said ever since. She doesn’t even ask her mother why she still keeps her after all these years.

When Nora finds out that she’s accepted in one of the best universities in Indonesia, she tells her mom that she will be leaving the house and doesn’t even bother asking for her permission. When Nora is about to leave, she tells her mother that she doesn’t need to support her financially anymore and thanks her mother for raising her. Nora’s mother says that she’s proud of her daughter, but Nora realizes one thing; this is what her mother always wanted, so Nora said, “No, you’re not.”

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