Character Description: The Perfect Journey of Death.

David Tori Prabowo/180410150057

“Everyone stop!” Rezy yelled

“Hey Rezy! What happened?” asked Dicky.

“I think we have to stop our journey right now” said Rezy

“Excuse me? Stop right now? After all of this long way we’ve been through? And we just stop like this?” Boly responds

“We cant continue! You guys look at Davy! He is dying! His leg is broken! If we still force it to continue this trip to the top of this hill, he wont make it”

Everyone in silence. They look at Davy’s dying face. He is in real pain. His leg is broken because he walked in a slippery path then he fell so hard and his leg hit a giant rock.

They are group of boys that wanted to reach the top of the Kaku hill. Top of Kaku hill has a really mesmerizing view and condition. It really calms and you can see the greatness of Bandy City. The most important thing is legend said, if you make a wish on there, it would be come true. But it’s not that easy, the trip to make it there is really hard.

These boy are already more than half way until the top of the Kaku hill. After a long struggling and debating in the process of the way to there, they still continue and finally make it.

“FINALLY!” Rezy yelled so loud. “This is what we were waiting for! The top of the Kaku hill!”

“Yeah, we make it after 10 hours” added Naufy

They celebrate it and talk each other.

“Have you done your job, Rezy?” asked Dicky

“Yes. It’s easy”

“Good. No one will find his death body here” said Naufy.

“This place couldn’t be any better as his graveyard” Boly responds.

“Ya, I hate that faggot, bye Davy” said Rezy.

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