Character Description: The “Perfect” Girl

Kristiana Meida Lestari/180410150062

This is Arum. She is 19 years old. Arum is a smart, pretty, rich, and multi talented girl. Sometimes besides studying, she is doing her job as a model or a singer. She comes from a family that will do and give everything for her. She is the typically perfect girl.

Because of these perfections, Arum has no friends. She may be living in the dreams of other girls, but she is feeling cold inside. Since she is a child, whenever she had friends and these friends knew about her perfections, they would have left her. Arum is tired of this. She just wants a friend in her life. Since then, Arum always comes to a doctor to talk about her depression.

This year, she wants everything to change. She tries to hide her perfections in order to have friends. She pretends to come from a poor family who ignores her. She pretends to be a stupid, ugly, and helpless girl. The tricks worked and Arum finally can have friends. She is enjoying her life now. Eventually the inside of her did not feel cold anymore. Sometimes she feels tired of pretending and goes to somewhere quiet and be herself. She likes to put her make up on there and singing or painting.

One day she tries to reveal all of her secrets to her friends because she thinks there should not be any lies in a friendship. When she did so, all of her friends left her. Later was found that Arum has a delusional disorder. All of her perfections are delusional and all of her pretenses are reality. Her friends hate her when she says she is a perfect girl because in reality she is not.

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