Character Description: The Cat Lover

Tini(Ling Yanting)/180110169005

Kyle sat silently on the stairs, with a cigarette in the hand, staring at the car before him. That’s where Tom died. It has been three years. But he still can’t help thinking of that night. Before that accident happened, he had lived a happy life. He used to be a driver of Geulis Travel Agency, shuttling between Jatinangor and Bandung. Every day after work, he would see Tom waiting for him right there, just before the Alfamart. “Hi, little buddy!”, he stroked his head and gave him a chicken sausage that he just bought in the Alfamart as a gift. He treated him as if he was his own son.

That miserable night is still lingering in his mind. It was raining cats and dogs. He was assigned to drive the last bus to Bandung. As usual, he got into the bus, started the engine, and reversed. He felt kind of strange and wondered if he reversed into a big rock. He went out of the bus and ran into the back. It was Tom under the wheel!

All these years, he can’t forgive himself and regrets for what he had done. Finally, he quit his job and found another job, a traffic warden, and still worked here. He’ll check if there’s a cat shivering under the car right before it moves. He doesn’t want anyone to be the second Tom. All he wants is to save them and provides them a warm home. But how can he do it just with his pitifully low salary? He has two children to raise. So he sat there, waiting for another cat lover.

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