Character Description : Lardjo, The Pity Aristocrat

Name/NPM : Yogi Supriyadi/180410150052

He is a 27 years old aristocrat. He rides giant bike to patrol security in his stronghold. He has an astral colleague which is always being asked to discuss about his stronghold security while riding a bike. Some people respect and give him supplies freely when he comes to every stall he has visited. He also has strong immunity. Once, He had hoofed rainstorm in the middle of night and it must be seriously ill if a normal person had the storm. With all that advantages everyone are envy to Lardjo even Donald Trump, He must be very envy if man like him is really on this earth. Despite all of that, most people don’t notice he is an aristocrat from any empire, otherwise they do notice him as problem.

In the long journey, every tired period, He stopped in rest area with telling all his problems to Jenong, His holy astral friend while trying to sleep. About going home and gathering together with relatives. Once, He told Jenong that His ambition is to be the happiest people in the world after all of this. So, pity isn’t it? The problems he has told to Jenong. But, the most pity thing is that he actually not an aristocrat at all. Paper said he is a missing 27 old man, no relatives found him until he becomes problem for everyone who has his own world that most people doesn’t notice.


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