Character Description: Friends with Psychotic

Breda Mukti Lukitasari/180410150046

In Psychology Department there is a class with eight guys and three girls on it. Class B members are Fabio, Axel, Izzat, Bhardy, Januar, Regat, Satria, Adit, Anya, Val and Fei. This class formed by the university. There is no special reason behind this arrangement. They are classmates since their first semester and now they are on their sixth semesters. Even though they are from different culture background, it did not make them distant; they are close with each other. They spent their spare time together by playing football, do homework, eat, watching some movies or just have a casual conversation. At their second semesters, they promised that no one will leave behind in their class and will graduate together. Therefore they give support to each other. They are not the cool kids in their department but people around them always wanted to be their friends, because they are fun and friendly.

When Class B hold an event that made them stay overnight at the campus, they realized that something was wrong with Val. The other members of the class decided to keep their eyes on her for several weeks and finally find out that she is suffering from mental illness which is psychotic depression. Her classmates tried to convince Val that what she saw and heard was her hallucination. Val who did not realize that she is suffering from psychotic depression thought that her classmates were joking. The classmates are sad that Val did not take this problem seriously. The classmates take care of her but she insists that she is fine. But the classmates did not give up easily, so they ask the lecturer for help. Their plans to graduating together meet with disaster because Val brought to the therapies and managed to recover after eight months of therapy.

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