Character Description: First Step, Jatinangor

Zaqia Octiani/ 180410150040

It is about 908.75 miles from Pekanbaru to Jatinangor, and she have to sit in the plane for an hour and 40 minutes to reach that place. It’s took 12 years of preparation for her to go to Jatinagor. She left behind the warmth and protection from her family for a while cause she need to reach the thing that always rooted in her mind and her heart, that thing is her dream. She was 18 years old back then and for the first time in her life, her parents asked her what she is going to do in the future. So she said that she want to be someone who can help people. “Doctor ?.” asked her mom. “No, it’s dentist. I wanna be a dentist.” Then they encouraged her with all their might to send her here. The first month in Jatinangor, she cried a lot at night because she missed her parents so much. There are a million sigh when she has a lot of assignments to do, it is a mess and she is stressed out. But when she hears her parents’ voices through phone, she realizes this is just a temporarily. One day, all the struggles and tears will be the pathway where she sees her parents smile at her.

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