Character Description: Deadline

Dien Kasava / 180410150041

To be a student college is not easy.

That is what Rio thinking about now. He is 21, and he have to finish his essay immediately, don’t he? With all of his forworn, he also have to serious doing his thesis.

Last month, his parents told him that they will be get divorce. It was like someone has slapped him every single time. After twenty-one years they—his parents—togehter, then it will end in divorce? Oh God, I hope it was just a joke. Rio wished. He wanted way to bachelor’s
degree—which is just a couple step more—running smoothly. Then what he got now? He is disturbed enough with deadline which he must keep it. Oh, and, the news about his parents will get divorce is not the only thing that lodge in his mind now. Rio heard gossip about Lina—the girl who he likes—just a girlfriend his best friend.
Deadline is closer. His parents will get divorce. Lina has a boyfriend. Essay should be finish as soon as possible. He also should contact his lecture for guidance his essay—which is the lecture always busy everyday, and always ignoring Rio’s chat. Is it too cruel to be problem of student college like me? Rio thought. He is upset. Really.

Hey, something suddenly come to Rio’s mind. He remember about someone who ever told him “Try ro focus on your target, not your problem. So your mind also will focus to try how to cross the problem, and not how to think about the problem.” That’s it.

So, here he is. Doing his essay. Finish his problem one by one. And his heart believe, there is always light behind the shadow.

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