Character Description: Chasing Fame

Muhammad Naufal Ibtihal/180410150050

Due to the upcoming biggest music festival in the campus, people with huge passion in music were coming to see their favorite kind of music. The festival’s line-ups and sets had been decided unless the three available openers for international bands. Satrio and Seto who read the announcement about the contest were thrilled. It has been their dream since their band formed when they were in high school.

“Imagine! How many people will come!” Said Seto gladly

“Not every student I guess.” Deny Satrio.

They spent the whole night to argue about the festival’s contest and end up with agreement by both of them. The next day, Satrio came to Seto’s dorm to talk about what song which they would perform to got in to the festival.

“I think none of our song will suitable to the bands.” Said Satrio desperately

“Chill out mate, we can bring other people’s song to suit the needs, to gain our largest crowd we’ve ever see.” Said Seto

League of Brothers is their band name, the genre of their music was not yet decided because they have a different taste of music. They argue all night long about what song and suddenly, out of nowhere a song played from the laptop.

“Mate! You thinking the same, don’t you?” Said Seto

“Yeah, I think it is the time to forget our taste for a while.” Agreed Satrio.

And the day ends by both gave up their own taste of music and tried to be more realistic about their dreams. They didn’t bring the song they like, they didn’t bring the suitable song for the bands, they bring the song of what they truly needed to gain fame and make the crowd happy. Finally, they bring ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ by their style and luckily, they got into the festival.


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