Character Description: Charity begins at home (WISH)

Mochammad Rizky Arif Hamdini/180410150033

Cissy is a very famous and popular university student. She was born in Ulinulin in 1899, and lived there for nine years until racial issues forced her family to moved out from that country. I met her in 1915. She is an exuberantly and lively woman. She does not like wearing a colorful clothes. She is the simple one for me. She likes to wear a brown jacket with her black hat. She likes to sharing her experience to everyone. However, she does not like discuss her family. She said to me that she wants to be a researcher, but she can’t. She never told me why she can’t.

One day in 1918, she was walking through the forest with me to find new experience. We had been walking for two hours and stopped in a meadow. We sat on the grass and talking about our last trip to Warawiri Kingdom. A mysterious girl coming out from the forest

“hi” said a little girl.

“halo, what do you do in this place? Cissy chattered.

The girl looked up at Cissy with bright shining eyes. “I was loosing my cat, shinta”

“I will try to help you find your cat” said Cissy. She woke up and staring at me. “Okay, I am join” I agreed.

Cissy and I surrounded the mountain to find the cat. It was shortly night when we found the cat. We went back to the meadow and met the girl.

“here’s your cat, I am in a hurry. I forgot to buy some painkiller for my mother” Cissy said. “Did you have a wish?” the girl said.

Looking up to the sky, Cissy smiled “I wish, my mother is recovered now. So, she can do everything she wants. Thus, I can see her smile again” she talked to herself.

“I have a wish, but it’s impossible to be real” Said Cissy.

“I know what you want” the girl said and walked away to the forest.

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