Character Description: A Melancholic Dream Catcher

Raditya Wiryawan/180410150054

He slowly sipped his last night coffee, next to the morning newspaper he just picked up. The decision was made, his heart has whispered. His newest film will be a film with the most viewers of all time. The script had been made from nearly a year ago. He never encountered any difficulties to construct the script since it was inspired by his own true story, where his jubilant life ended up tragically in sudden.

Shepperd stucked with his own thoughts while being lament towards a picture of himself with his wife and two daughters where he was holding up a birthday cake with “43” candles on top of it. It was taken exactly twelve months before his birthday tommorow. The last photograph of himself with his family gathered and celebrating his birthday. The day before they gone. The day when Shepperd felt that his life was a worth to lived.

He could not believed if his aired last film was not the film people expected to be. It was not a masterpiece from a passionate and famous director like Shepperd Miles. He never thought if Margaretta would betrayed him. Still, how come a director as briliant as Shepperd was too naive to accept his affair request to record a video of themselves having sex with a conviction if the video would not be spread of? A film which made Shepperd’s life and people’s respect towards him gone forever. Yes, he was down, but he knew the solution. A solution that he believed would make people remember his name again.

Cameras are on set. He just finished his monologue. His eyes are focusing on the camera. Thousands of people are watching his film and the number is keep increasing. The film is on air. A film where a successful director filming himself commit suicide and being watched by people around the world, like what he always wanted.

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