Character Description: A Beautiful Girl Who Looking for Confidence

Intan Andriyani / 180410150058

She is Kintuy, yes i call her Kintuy randomly. She is 19 years old, she come from Bekasi, but she always tell to everyone that she live in Jakarta, because 200 m from her home is already Jakarta. She has two brothers, and she is the only daughter in her family. Her older brother is college in German, and her younger brother still in high school. She is college in Padjadjaran University. She is really great to speak with German language, she said some members of her big family learn about German. She is kind and has a big heart, she always help anybody as long as she can. She get crying easily, especially to her closest friends, she will show the truly of herself. She doesn’t like dirty so she always keep her room clean. She has bad habits, she always got stomachache because she can’t stop to eat spicy food and she never learn from the lesson. Also she can’t hold to fart everywhere, even in the restaurant. She got a problem now, she is insecure because she is fat, she will cry when people judge herself. She had diet for several times, she had work out but she doesn’t eat anything except mineral water three days straight. Finally she got sick because that’s not balance and it is her loss. I’m her closest friend, i always give her full support, i always tell her that you don’t have to be skinny to look pretty, you just have to be confidence. Being pretty doesn’t always based on how people look, prove them wrong. You just have to enjoy your life, without thinking what people say, because people will talk whether you bad or good. So just be confidence, and be yourself. You are pretty as who you are.

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