Character Description: Woman in Blank

Diva Nadia Idris/180410150034

Maria is running out of time. She is depressed, using her left hand to give her head a little massage and the right one on the laptop and doing nothing but daydreaming, just like the screen, blank. She is barely breathing, the virus attacked as the rain poured her last night after a heavy day of working. She knows that by putting a medicine stick onto her nose will not make her back in healthy, but “At least, I tried” as she always says.

She is a well-educated independent single woman, works for a company with big salary yet many demands that sometimes ruined her sleep. Some people talk about her in her back, questioning why is she still single meanwhile there are plenty of men want her in life. “What a cocky woman! Is she waiting for a king or prince to get her or what? If I were her, I would just let one of the men in to my life and chill instead of being suffered”, and she always takes it for granted. She never burdens people around her, but now she is burdening herself.

Feel so lonely and afraid at once. Afraid if someday the scar is opened, an old scar but gives an eternal effect that affects her life. People know her as an extremely strong woman, they have never seen her cry, all they see is a smile that might be faked, nobody knows but her. But a wonder woman sometimes needs a backup against the villains. She gathered all the courage to start again, but in the end, she failed. No regrets, no disappointment, and again “Well, at least, I am brave enough to try, and I will be braver and better” she said, back to her laptop and start working.

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