Character description: The pity Albert

Vinsca Delana Ginting/180410150060

Albert, a 24-year-old young man, has everything that girls’ need. He is a well-brought up man in a joyful household, he works in his dad company, and an only son in the family. His parents put a high hope that their son would marry a beautiful and rich woman oneday. Unfortunately, he fell in love with his childhood friend who is quite pretty but poor. Their family condition is totally different from one another. Albert’s morning is surrounded with food and laughter while Haiva’s mom just feed her a bowl of rice and two tempe every morning. They first meeting was in a garden when Albert just met his working partner. They sat for quite long and share each other’s condition. Feels sympathy, Albert helps Haiva in many things. Time passing by, he loves her. Late in the afternoon on the day before Albert’s birthday, He and Haiva met in the garden for planning a greeting to his family. At the same time, his mom revealed that her son loves a poor girl. His mom couldn’t hold her anger and rightly tell him to break up with her.

Albert has no other plan. He loves Haiva and promised to bring her to the family. It is nine o’clock Monday morning, Albert leaves for work after saying that he will bring Haiva at 3. All the family members on the sofa in the family room, waiting for Albert. Minutes later, the door opens, and they are coming. The woman approaches her mother-in-law to be hesitantly. Things become worse after she comes. His mom stood up suddenly and yelling at Haiva loudly with tears. It was unbearable, so they left. Haiva looks just fine. His sister reaches out to touch Albert’s arm. “God bless you,” she says, her eyes full of tears.

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