Character Description: I Bought The Giza Pyramid because I Could

Syifa Nur Fadiyah / 180410150059

Hi, my name is Matilda. You see that famous pyramid that you can only see on your text book behind me? Well, yes, I have seen it with my own eyes. They call it the Giza Pyramid but I’m thinking about changing the name. How about the Matilda Pyramid? Or the Mat Pyramid? That sounds good too. I have not decided how I should name it because I just bought it an hour ago for fifteen trillion rupiah. The mamang who called himself as the president of Egypt gave me 50% discount from the price he offered, thirty trillion. Now I bet you’re asking why they would sell the pyramid. Well, that’s because I ordered them to and they obeyed me because I am Matilda.

I know that I am only three years old but, the world is on my hand. Everybody listens to me and give me everything I want. It all started from my disgustingly rich parents. They gave me, literally, everything. They hired many nannies to play tea party with me. I rented the whole Ritz Carlton for my last tea party because I wanted to be all extra. I have each of every girl toys in Kidz Station and every toy store from the whole world. My obsession to posse large buildings started from my holiday in China. I astonished the Forbidden City. I asked my dad to buy it for me and he did. Now, I have 34 collections of buildings from 19 countries.

Oh, I forget to tell you the man who is beside me. That’s dad. He’s walking on the hot sand and I’m on this car. Now, I am more disgustingly rich than him. He’s my assistant. He’s worth it.

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