Character Description : Curious man

Ni Putu Ganis Pradnyawati / 180410150030

There’s someone who was thinking about his life. The boy 18 years old and wear blue t-shirt was called Jack. He lives with his mother and two sisters in a village where there is no people around there. Sometimes he always alone and some animals he invited to play. He didn’t know what he will be in the future and where he lives. He just resigned his life which he was engaged. One day in the evening, he saw a lot of people was crowded in his village. He wondered and think “what they do in my village?” and decided to meet them in the next day. Then, he really visited that place and find someone who was eating his snack, 17 years old and wear red jacket. Someone he met smiled and offer his snack and milk. Jack was confused and asked the people he had met. Jack asked him and wanted to know what really happened. Then people he met explained that he was doing research on the people around there and he was also told that it was his job so that he can make money and marry his girlfriend.

.He immediately thought of him and asked in his heart. “Am i will get married and with whom am i going to get married? Then is there any woman who wants me to be her husband?”. The person who was beside him immediately told him to get a job is not easy, to be with a struggle and continue to try to continue to get what they want. Jack understood and realized that what he was during this time just making lazy to get out of his comfort zone and he was very grateful to someone he met.

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