Character Design: The Free Traveller

Elghiffari Hidayat/180410150070

His name is Fairuz Muzzaki. He lived in Sudan, specificly in a religious Islamic family. He lived in Sudan for more than 24 years since his birth until his university graduation with no experience to travel outside his country. After his university graduation his curiosity to knowing the world outside his country became bigger, so he decided to become a Muslim traveller. He’s a kind man who will help people instantly if he got an opportunity to help them. He has a great skill with his camera and his editing skill is also superb. Those skills made him popular in the internet with his internet nickname TheLegend27. His job as a photographer and online photo/video editor gave him some earnings to live. Although he got a nice personality and some great skills, he wasn’t interested in political news in his country or international issues made him a naïve person. He wasn’t aware with Muslims situation and treatment in the Europe and the USA. He also a kind of guy who will act and react to things rushed without a proper thinking. His first year as a traveller is one of the worst year for him. He went to Paris when the Paris Bombing Incident happened. He went to USA when Donald Trump executed ban on people to come to US from seven Muslim countries including Fairuz’s country Sudan. And recently, he was in London when the “terror car” tragedy happened. He experienced a lot of racial and religion discrimination from his first year experience as a traveller, even his internet identity was busted. After the worst first year happened, he almost decided to fake his identity including name, religion, and his nationality just for the sake of travelling. He would’ve done it if he didn’t meet an Indonesian Muslim named Habiburrahman El Shirazy in Germany.

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