Character Description: “Yeah, What Do I Care?”

Yasmin Nabilah/180410135002

He will turn 20 the following December, a newly graduated high school student now entering his new status as college student. He thinks it will be easier than school, as the classes provided a lot of free time. He has planned what to do in those times, photography and books are the answer. Although, it doesn’t live up to his looks and behaviour, he has read hundreds if not thousands of title since he was able to read at the age of four. The age where he was old enough to convey his inner thoughts to the world. Since the very same age he had been called heartless, rude and pretentious by others. This hurts him, as he is actually thoughtful and sensitive inside. He likes the fact that he is truthful to others whether they like it or not, there is no fake emotion or words. He never find it necessary to explain what he feels through words sometimes, this might be the reason why people often misread him.

Now, three months after his first college day, he has already established a new photography club between his peer group. The club’s name came out of Icelandic word for ‘camera lens’. Speaking of Iceland, the country is actually his ultimate dream. To live in a land where both ice and fire meet, up there in the north. He loves their culture, people, language, landscape and most of all their music. He finds Iceland a suitable place to live in, unlike this country. But, most dreams would never come true without struggle. His is his own self. He sometimes dumbed down by his idealism. Way too many expectations, hopes and dreams making him unable to see his capability to reach the ultimate dream. The dream starts to feel bigger than he is. He has to realize that his dream future is completely achievable once he admits his weakness and start to focus on his greatness.

You may now ask me, “which one are you talking about exactly?” he is the one pictured holding a camera. “And what is his name?” hmm when it comes to name I am definitely a bad picker, but well, let’s call him Reece this time.

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