Character Description: Who Are You?

Ari Bayu Suryadinata/180410150072

Tio stood up and walked to the window, facing the light. He glanced back to the person that sat on the edge of the bed. The room had been silence for half hour. “Speak your mind now Nico. We don’t have all night.”

He looked up under the shade over his face. He grinned to the mirror and his eyes glowed. “I want to play with her too.” He said while rubbing the white teddy bear. Tio’s eyes glared sharply as he was angry. He slapped Nico’s hand and snatched the teddy bear. Then he put it on the table by the window.

In the mirror, Tio saw his reflection. He cared for her so much. Since the day of losing their mother and father, Tio was the one who there for her. “I know she will come here to take that.” Nico was pointing at the teddy bear while standing up.

As the door knocked, Nico dragged Tio away from the light and made him fell to the shade. “Let me meet her!”

The door opened and she was standing there. “Here is your teddy bear, little sister.” He smiled. She quietly stared at him and said “Who are you? You look like Tio, but you are not him. He always calls me by my name. Who are you?”

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